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Preparing for your Exam With official updated Harver Practice Test 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Successful Journey!


Harver's Cognitive Ability Assessment is a test that measures your cognitive abilities across three known perspectives: learned knowledge, or "crystal" intelligence; ability to apply what you know in new situations and fluid speed.


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Official Updated Harver Practice Test 2024 has a simple goal: To help students prepare for their exams. So the question that comes to mind is how to make the test more effective? How can it help students perform better?

8 min. 13/06/2024 13/06/2024

The Updated Official Harver Practice Test 2024 is designed to be used by students studying for exams. So when students use the practice test, they are using it to improve their overall knowledge about the subject that they are studying. If they don’t use the practice test, they will never get a full understanding of the subject matter, so they might fail their exam because they didn’t learn enough material during class.

The problem with Harver Practice Test is that it doesn’t have the best features. So it doesn’t give students a proper assessment of their understanding of the subject they are learning. It doesn’t give students a chance to review what they learned and it doesn’t help students understand why they don’t know the material they did learn.

The most effective way to prepare for a tough exam is to use Harver Practice Test. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed guide to using this Harver simulator.

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Download the Easy Quizz app today and test your knowledge on your phone.

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Our mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can use it to prepare for exams at home, in the office, or anywhere else that has an internet connection. The app works offline too, so you don’t need to worry about poor connectivity when you’re on a plane or in another location where you can’t access the internet.

The app is free to download. There’s no limit to how many exams you can take or how much time you spend on them.

Once downloaded, the app syncs with your web account so that everything you do on your mobile device is up-to-date with what’s happening on our online Web Harver simulator.

What are official updated Harver Practice Tests 2024 And How Do I Use Them?

Harver practice test simulator that contains nearly 2280 exam questions and answers. All of our questions are based on the latest version of the Harver exam. The simulator presented on this website is the great option for a Harver test. The feature-packed package contains the most complete set of materials that include practice tests, sample questions and answers and mobile app. Our Harver online test simulator has many excellent features for self preparation for the Harver exam which includes 2280 questions and 7 topics.

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Verbal Reasoning Test543
Spatial Reasoning Tests15
Numerical Reasoning399
Perceptual Speed100
Logical Reasoning44
Mixed Questions100
Verbal Reasoning Test1079

Topic selection feature of Harver Practice Test

In practice mode, you can study any specific topic you’d like. It’s perfect for self-directed learning. You can choose one or all topics when you configure your practice mode test.

The user can easily change the topic from the configuration menu by clicking on “Reset Configuration” button in the practice mode.

Study by topic of Harver practice test

When you change the topic from “Topics Selection”, the current settings will be reset and all questions related to this topic will be removed from your test list.

Set the time limit in your Harver Practice Test

You can choose from a range of different time limits, from 10 minutes to 180 minutes. This allows you to practice in a format that suits your learning style. You can also take as many tests as you like, so if one time limit is too short or too long for you, just try another!

Custom duration selector of Harver practice test

Select custom number of test in Harver Practice Test

The candidate should take as many tests as possible to increase their chances of success. There are 50 test in Online Harver quiz. You can choose to practice on several tests, as well as customize the number of tests by choosing the number of tests you want to take. You’ll need to choose tests that are more difficult to complete. If you don’t choose the harder ones, you’ll do better on the easier tests.

Use number of test selector of Harver practice test for custom number of test selection
  1. Tap or click on the “Number of tests”, on the configuration page.

  2. The user can change the number of questions for each practice test, by clicking “Number of tests”.

  3. The actual default Number of tests are 50 tests. Our platform user can change this value to 50 number of tests greater than or equal to 8 tests, and practice for the exam.

  4. Choose the ‘Start Quiz’ button to begin your test with a specified number of questions in each section.

Select Custom Number of questions

Harver exam is made up of 2280 questions. You have the option to customize your practice exam to include specific questions from the actual exam. The recommended number of questions for this practice test is Harver exam consists of 2280, and includes questions similar to the ones found in the real exam. You can always adjust the number of questions in the quiz by selecting a lower or higher number.

The number of questions is the most important factor in determining the time it will take to finish your test. More questions equal more time spent answering each question. The fewer questions you select, the more difficult the test becomes. If you want to maximize your test score you should select the lowest number of questions available. Selecting a lower number of questions makes your test easier, but can cause you to get stuck on a question that will make you take a long time to figure out how to answer it.

Custom number of questions selector of Harver practice test
  1. There will a button on the configuration page as, “Number of questions.

  2. If you wish to change the number of questions for each practice test, you have to select “Number of questions”.

  3. The user is allowed to change the value to 2280 number of tests greater than or equal to 10 questions. But, let us inform you that the default custom Number of questions is 2280 questions.

  4. Start the Quiz button at the top-right to begin your test with a specified number of questions from each section

Start learning from Learning Mode to pass the exam

The learning mode is the best way to review correct answers during taking a test in Harver Simulator. By enabling this option, you’ll be able to see all the questions you’ve answered (and which answer was correct, and which was incorrect). Just click on “Activate Learning Mode” and all the answers will be displayed. To restore the test back to its original format, just click on “Deactivate Learning Mode”.

Learning mode selector of Harver practice test

Learn by using Auto-Scroll feature

To provide our readers with the best experience, we’re adding an auto-scroll feature so that all our questions are on the same page in a vertical format. Scrolling is a very useful feature for websites because it allows users to browse through long pages quickly and easily. This feature is also available in our Harver Mobile App. This type of webpage design allows visitors to scroll down to view more content without having to click on an extra button. Auto-scroll is an easy, no-click method to scroll through a web page.

Auto-Scroll selector of Harver practice test

Here are the advantages of the Autoscroll:

  1. It is time saving, as it doesn’t require any action from the user.

  2. It’s another one of the best online tools for saving time on unnecessary actions and for making browsing easier.

Just search & Filter for topics

You can filter your results based on any topic of interest, from products to sales. In order to find something, just type it into the search bar at the top of Harver Simulator page.

Use bar for find questions in Harver practice test

Get ready take Exam Mode Test

These are a number of Harver mock tests. Be sure you’re fully prepared to take the real exam.

The exam mode tests simulate the real Harver exams that you will take at a center on the day of your actual Harver exam. This mode is very useful if you want to be familiar with the format and length of the actual exam. You can also use this mode to measure your performance against a clock as well as identify areas where more studying is needed before taking the real Harver exam.

Exam mode select for Harver practice test


It’s hard to pass the Harver exam. Students who take online courses usually require a lot of time and effort to complete their courses. If you’re feeling nervous, we’ll give you the Harver practice test and let you know how well you did. This comprehensive quiz is the ultimate cheat sheet for taking the first Harver exam. As we know the importance of time and preparation to take care happiness of our lovely customers like you, we always update and available our Harver quiz. Meanwhile, we are writing this content for your convenience. You can already use our quiz: click to start START QUIZ quiz now.