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On this page you can read the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our users.

Our F.A.Q. talks about our website, and our Mobile App

We update our F.A.Q. continuously also with your questions, so if you want to ask us something do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy our F.A.Q and happy reading!

Easy Quizzz FAQ

Download Mobile App and Website User Manual

Where can I download the Mobile and Website user manual?

The manual for the Website and the Mobile App of Easy Quizzz can be downloaded at this url

Our society

Who we are?

We are a young and dynamic company, with several offices throughout Europe. At the moment we are in Italy, Portugal, India, UK, USA, Australia and Germany.

How many people work in your company?

Our team is spread all over the world, and we are around 100 people working together every day to bring you the best Quiz Simulator!

Is it possible to work with you?

Of course, if you are also a dynamic and enterprising person, do not hesitate to read our job postings in the appropriate section and contact us. We are waiting for you!

How quickly do you usually answer questions?

Normally in less than 24 hours.

Can you publish a quiz I created?

Sure, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to publish your quiz

I can share my account.

No, absolutely no. For two reasons:

  • 1) Technically, for how the Web Simulator and the Mobile application works, sharing an account would cause your quiz to malfunction.

  • 2) Not allowed, and we have controls that prevent account sharing and block the shared account.

The Mobile Application

Where can I download the Mobile app?

Mobile application can be downloaded:

    1. From the Apple store
    1. From the Google Play store

Does the Mobile application also work offline?

The application also works offline if data traffic is not available. The first time you use the App, all data is downloaded locally and then also available off-line.

Whenever the application is online, it continuously synchronizes data with the server, and continuously downloads all updates.

Is what I do in the mobile application always synchronized with the website?

Of course. We are omnichannel precisely in the sense that everything you do on the website is automatically available in the mobile App, and vice versa.

This way you can start studying on your mobile, and then continue with your computer and vice versa. Fantastic isn’t it?

It is possible to disable auto-scroll

Of course, you can disable or reactivate auto scroll at any time.

How often are questions about the Mobile application updated?

Always, whenever you have an active mobile connection, we update the database and your quizzes.

The Website

The web simulator also works offline

No, unfortunately not. If you need to study and practice offline, we recommend using the mobile simulator.

Is the web simulator always synchronized with the mobile app?

Of course, the simulator is always synchronized with the mobile app, and vice versa.

How often are the databases updated?

As soon as there is something new, or a question to improve, we immediately update your quiz.

Do you also have PDF material available to study?

Yes, we are working on it. PDFs will also be available online soon.