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How to ace the FAA TRUST test questions with ease?

FAA Trust Test

TRUST is legally required for all recreational drone/unmanned aircraft pilots in the United States. TRUST is administered by several FAA-approved industry partners.


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TRUST FAA test - What you need to know to solve the license test question with confidence

5 min. 01/01/2023 01/01/2023

A lot of people struggle to pass the FAA Trust test. Do you think that your knowledge of airplanes is adequate?

The FAA test is a great way to see what your aviation knowledge level is. But more importantly, it also allows the FAA to decide whether or not your license should be renewed or not. So knowing the right answers to these questions is extremely important.

For the average person, this test is extremely hard. And if they fail the test, they usually don’t have any idea why they failed. They just simply don’t understand how to solve the questions.

In this guide, I’m going to help you solve the TRUST FAA test without having to spend hours memorizing random facts. And if you fail the test, you won’t need to study for a long time to figure out how to pass.

Introduction to TRUST test?

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The FAA Trust test is an online test that allows recreational flyers to demonstrate that they understand the rules and regulations for UAS use. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommended this test in its Recreational Drone Safety Recommendations, released in January 2016.

The NTSB recommends that all recreational flyers pass the TRUST test before flying their drone for recreation. Pilots who do not pass the TRUST test must wait for a second attempt at the test at their local FAA office or at a designated testing center.

The TRUST test is designed to evaluate a pilot’s ability to operate a small unmanned aircraft safely and legally within the United States airspace.

The TRUST test is a practical, hands-on course that evaluates the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). The TRUST test is not intended to replace an FAA knowledge test but rather complement it. If you are flying an aircraft in accordance with Part 107 of the FARs, you will need both formal training and practical experience in order to pass the TRUST test.

What are the prerequisites of FAA TRUST test for drone operators?

  • Visit the Recreational Flyers section of our website to learn about rules for recreational flyers.

  • For more recreational drone flying resources, download the FAA’s B4UFLY mobile app.

  • You can take the test through one of the many approved testing centers.

  • After completing TRUST, please download, save or print your completion certificate.

  • [View a list of trust test administrator.

What type of drone can I fly after passing FAA Trust test?

After you pass the FAA trust test, you can fly a drone that weighs up to 55 pounds. The following types of drones are allowed:

  • Drone models with an automatic return-to-home function and altitude hold functions.

  • A remote controlled model that is equipped with a camera.

  • A drone with a maximum take-off weight of 55 pounds.

Which institutes are eligible for Drone TRUST test?

  • Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

  • Boy Scouts of America

  • Chippewa Valley Technical College

  • Community College of Allegheny County - West Hills Center

  • Cross Flight Sky Solutions

  • Drone Launch Academy LLC

  • Drone Trust

  • Drone U

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)

  • HSU Educational Foundation

  • Lake Area Technical College

  • New College Institute (NCI)

  • Pilot Institute

  • Proctorio Incorporated

  • Tactical Aviation

  • UAV Coach

  • University of Arizona Global Campus

How can I get register in this test?

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  • Test takers are allowed to take the knowledge exam through any one of a number approved testing facilities.

  • TRUST FAA test administrators charge no fee for taking the test.

  • All exam questions can be corrected to 100% prior to issuing your certificate.

  • After you complete TRUST, you can download, save or print your completion certificate from this site.

  • If you lose your certificate, you will need to retake the TRUST exam.

How much does it cost for FAA TRUST drone test?

If you are not enrolled in the online training program, you may take the free online test through any of the FAA approved test administrators. All FAA-approved TRUST test administrators offer the test free to all users.

The TRUST Drone Test is designed to give students and professional pilots a general understanding of how drones operate under Federal Air Regulation Part 107. It also provides guidance for pilots who are looking to incorporate drones into their operations or who have questions about how these new technologies can enhance their safety, efficiency and productivity.

What are the main significant key points for Trust drone test?

There are many key points to consider when you are preparing for a Trust drone test. It is important to learn the basics of flying and the different types of drones available. You should also learn how to use your camera, which can help you in capturing pictures and videos of your flight.

You should also be able to understand the different types of drones used for this type of activity, including quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters. This will allow you to choose one that suits your needs and skills best.

To ensure that you pass with flying colours during your Trust drone test, it is important that you have enough knowledge on how to fly a drone properly as well as understanding what makes a good drone pilot.

What should I do to pass FAA TRUST test?

The first thing you need to do is to find a reliable online practice test. We have developed the best FAA exam prep course available, which will help you prepare for the FAA Trust test in just a few hours.

You will be able to take our free FAA TRUST Practice Test and get a feel for how difficult it is going to be when you take the actual test. If you are not satisfied with your performance, then you can go back and try again until you achieve 100% success rate on all questions.

If you want to pass the FAA test, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the exam. This is where Easy Quizzz comes in. We have created a free online FAA TRUST practice test that will help you prepare for the real FAA TRUST test.