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How to pass the Part 107 practice test

FAA Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot Practice Exam Test

FAA Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot Practice Exam Test is designed only for those candidates that are highly qualified and knowledgeable.


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Wish to fly a drone? This study guide will help you to pass FAA Part 107 practice test with ease.

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When you have a drone, you will want to know about the rules related to flying drones. Before you buy one, you should learn about how you can operate a drone. You will need to apply for a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This means that you must comply with all the rules that are set by the FAA. You should be aware of all the rules regarding the use of drones.

These rules are there to protect everyone who uses drones. In this study guide, you will find information about the overview of the Part 107 practice test that you need to pass, topics of the actual test questions and answers, and more. We will share information about all these points in detail so that you are familiar with everything that you will need for the FAA Part 107 practice test. Before you sit for the exam, you need to prepare yourself for it. You should ensure that you practice the skills that are tested in the exam. You should know what the exam tests you on, how it is structured, and what type of questions are asked in the exam.

Introduction to the FAA Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot Exam

This image is related to the part 107 practice test in the United States of America.

A remote pilot certificate is required to fly a drone within sight or line of the person controlling it. To fly a drone in this fashion, you will need to pass the FAA test called Remote Pilot Certificate. In the Part 107 practice test, you will be asked questions that cover a wide range of subjects, including knowledge about the use of drones and safety guidelines.

You can’t just show up at the airport and apply for a license. You have to pass a written test, and you must also show that you are capable of flying safely before you can take the test. The test has three parts: Knowledge, Skills, and Performance. The Knowledge section will test your ability to read and understand safety documents. The Skill’s section will look at your flying skills.

What are the main topics of the FAA Part 107 practice test?

The main sections of the Part 107 practice test are as follows

Knowledge section - Part 107 practice test

The Knowledge section of the test will look at the following subjects:

  • Drones

  • Regulations

  • Flying in public

  • Drone safety

Skill Section - FAA Part 107 practice test

The Skill’s section will test your ability to fly and operate the drone properly. You will be tested on the following subjects:

  • Flight planning

  • Obstacle avoidance

  • Drone operation and inspection

  • Drone safety

Performance section - Drone flying license

The Performance section will look at your flying abilities, and you will be expected to demonstrate that you can fly a drone safely and responsibly. The Part 107 practice test will also look at your experience with UAS. You must show that you have flown a UAS before, and you can’t fly a drone that is heavier than 55 pounds.

What are the prerequisites for taking the Part 107 practice test?

The candidate should be at least 16 years old, to take the Part 107 practice test. They should have passed the UAS Knowledge and Skill requirements, and they must have at least 5 hours of flight experience, including at least 4 hours of flight experience in a UAS that weighs less than 55 pounds. They must have received at least 30 hours of instruction in the last 6 months. Besides this the candidate should know, how to read, write, speak and understand the English language. Moreover, he/she should be mentally fit to operate a drone.

Who administrates Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot Test in the United States?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) controls all aspects of the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry within the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a number of rules related to this industry. The FAA regulates commercial drones and small UAS, which are defined as weighing up to 55 pounds. The FAA has also issued a remote pilot certificate, which requires pilots to pass a Part 107 practice test. The FAA oversees the testing of drone operators, and it is responsible for administering the exam. The FAA has designated several airports as test centers for this exam. These airports are operated by the FAA.

What is the format of the Part 107 practice test?

The FAA requires drone pilots to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the rules governing drone flights. The exam is split into two parts: written and practical tests. There are 75 questions in the written exam. The questions are divided into three sections. These include questions about the operations and performance of the aircraft, safety considerations, and the rules and regulations.

How much time does the written test take?

The FAA says that it will take you about three hours to take the written Part 107 practice test. If you have had experience flying drones, you will probably pass the FAA Part 107 practice test fairly quickly. If you don’t, you might take a little longer. If you are not sure whether you are ready for the written test, you can practice online. This will help you to be prepared.

How will I know if I pass?

When you finish the Part 107 practice test, you will receive a score that tells you how you did. You will also get a certification to show that you passed the test. If you do not pass the written test, you will need to retake it.

How to get registered for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification Test (RPCT)?

  • Step 1: Register with the FAA: The FAA offers an online portal to register for the RPCT. Go to “IACRA” and click on the “Remote Pilot Certification” link.

  • Step 2: Complete the online application: Fill out the online application and submit it. You will need to answer questions about your flying experience and provide evidence that you have passed a flight review.

  • Step 3: Get your certificate: Once you complete the online application, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you have been accepted into the program. If you have not received the email by 24 hours after completing the online application.

How much is the cost of getting registered?

The cost to take the knowledge test is 175 USD. You can take the test in person at one of 800 FAA-approved knowledge testing centers across the United States. It is paid directly to the knowledge testing center when you schedule your appointment.

Why it is important to take the FAA Part 107 Remote Drone Pilots certificate?

In the United States of America, many companies are using drones to deliver food or other goods, including toys, electronics, and medicine. They have also been used to help with disaster response or for surveillance purposes. Some people have already started using drones for personal use, like taking pictures and videos, filming movies, or even looking for missing persons. Companies are currently developing new uses for UAS technology, like 3-D imaging.

Some people are asking the government to regulate these new technologies because they worry that there may be safety issues involved. The government thinks it is too soon to make changes in this industry. However, the government thinks that it is important to educate drone owners so that they are able to fly safely.

In this study guide, we will learn about the FAA Part 107 practice test in detail.

How to get ready for the Part 107 practice test?

To fly a drone, you need to have a pilot certificate and an aircraft operator certificate. To obtain a pilot certificate, the candidate needs to pass the FAA Part 107 practice test. To get ready for the Part 107 practice test, you should take some classes on drone flight and drone safety. These are required courses for the exam. If you want to learn more about drones, you can visit a library or bookstore.

There are also many online resources available, including YouTube videos. You can watch videos on how to assemble the equipment you need to complete the exam. If you want to buy the necessary equipment, you can visit Amazon. You should also check out the websites of local universities, colleges, or schools. There are many courses that you can take at these locations. For example, if you want to learn how to build a quadcopter, you can take classes at a school of architecture.

The best way to get ready for the exam

Before you decide to take a Part 107 practice test, you should make sure that you know the content thoroughly. Once you know all of the information, you should practice the question and answer section. Don’t worry about the time limit; you can take as much time as you want. Some people spend a lot of time studying for tests. It’s important to study properly. Make sure that you practice until you understand all of the information. When you pass the test, you will receive your Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA.

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