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Ultimate guide to your category A1 motorcycle test

Category A1

The A1 license is the most versatile of all licenses and allows you to drive just about any type or size motorcycle, including ones with sidecars!


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Learn how to pass your category A1 motorcycle test with Easy Quizzz

12 min. 23/08/2023 23/08/2023

All countries have various licence categories to ensure that people follow the rules and regulations. It also enables everyone with a unique vehicle to obtain a relevant licence. For example, the category A1 driving licence allows you to drive light motorcycles up to 125 cc and a power output of 11kw. But how can you get this licence? To get a motorcycle licence, you will have to be age 17 or above and live in the United Kingdom. Also, to obtain this licence, you’ll need to attend a specific course called Compulsory basic training and pass two tests. If this is a suitable licence for you, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find precise details on how to get a motorcycle license, what documents you’ll need to hold, minimum age, expenses, and what vehicles you’ll be able to drive. Stay tuned if you want to know more about the Category A1 motorcycle test and licence. Here is your complete guide.

What is the category a1 driving licence in the UK?

Pass your A1 motorcycle test in the UK with Easy Quizzz

The Category A1 driving licence will allow you to ride a light motorcycle with an engine size of 125cc and a power output of up to 11 Kw. Remember that this means you can’t go beyond this limit. Besides that, the power to weight ratio of the motorcycle must not be more than 0.1 Kw. Such a licence will also enable you to ride tricycles with a power output of up to 15kw. Of course, to obtain this licence, you will have to take the motorcycle test. It includes a theoretical and practical part, and once you pass it, you will receive the licence in no time.

How can I obtain the category a1 driving licence?

If you want to obtain the Category A1 driving licence, you will have to be age 17 or above to apply for this licence. Once you do, you must also pass the Category A1 test before getting the licence. Here are the steps you must follow to obtain your licence in no time:

  • Be at least seventeen years;
  • Obtain a valid CBT certificate;
  • Pass the motorcycle hazard perception and theory exam;
  • Pass the Module 1 A1 test, which is off the public road and a closed-circuit test;
  • Pass the Module 2 A1 test, which is on the public road.

The key is to study hard and smart for the a1 motorcycle test, as that will determine if you will obtain your licence or not. Once you do, you can ride your motorcycle in the UK in no time.

Which vehicles can I drive with the A1 driving licence?

The A1 driving licence is only applicable to light motorcycles. These motorcycles fall within the 120 to 125 cc range with an engine power of no more than 11kw. Therefore, all motorcycles that fall within this range will be classified as light. Remember that you will also have to take your Category A1 test on a light motorcycle. Here are the top requirements you must fulfil for a motorcycle to come under the A1 licence category:

  • The power output of 11kw;
  • The engine size of up to 125 cc;
  • The power to weight ratio should not exceed 0.1kw;
  • Motor tricycles with a power output of up to 15kw.

While you might find this complicated, it is not like that. That is because any motorcycle with an engine capacity lower than 125cc will fall below the A1 licence category. That is why you must not worry about fulfilling the power to weight ratio with such motorcycles.

Once you fulfil this criterion, you can move on to take the A1 test. It has a theory and a practical part you must pass.

What age do I need to have to obtain the a1 licence?

The age requirement for the a1 motorcycle test and the licence is 17 and above, and that is why you can’t apply for this licence if you fall below 17. These requirements are strict, and no one is an exception. When you are applying for the licence, you will have to prove that you fulfil all these requirements before you begin your test or any other component. After fulfilling this requirement, you can prepare for the A1 test and take it shortly.

What documents do I need for the a1 licence?

If you want to receive the A1 licence after the test, you will have to provide valid documents that prove you fulfil all the requirements. That means you will have to show a valid CBT certificate, proof of age, proof of residence, motorcycle documents (if you have one), and more. If you want a full rundown of the documents you require, you must call the licence agency, and they will guide you better. Once you show all your documents, you will have to take the a1 motorcycle test to move forward. That is why it is crucial to prepare for the test.

What is the cost of getting an A1 motorcycle licence?

Of course, to get the licence, you will have to pass the motorcycle test. In addition, to get your licence, you will need a CBT certificate, which will cost you Ā£75. On the other hand, the motorcycle theory test will cost you Ā£25. After that, you will have to get the training to ensure you have the skill level to take the Category A1. Easy Quizzz will help you pass your test in no time with our excellent mock tests and subscriptions to help you prepare for your theory test in no time. After you prepare with us and take your module 1 and module 2 test, you will obtain your licence in no time. Of course, if you decide to opt for our services, you will also have to pay for our subscription. This will add to your cost, but we offer reasonable rates so that you can pass your test without breaking your budget.

The category A1 motorcycle tests you must pass

The A1 motorcycle test has two parts. These include Module 1 and 2. Here is everything you need to know about these modules to prepare well:

Category a1 motorcycle test - Module 1

The Module 1 test takes place in an off-road course to test your skills. However, off-road does not mean that you will be going through muddy fields or dirt roads. Instead, it means that your a1 motorcycle test Module 1 will not take place on a public highway. During this test, you will have to demonstrate various manoeuvres to show the examiner that you know how to ride the motorcycle. The test will take place at an approved motorcycle test centre, so you can get it done in no time. Remember that you don’t have to worry about this test because you will become familiar with the layout. The course layouts are covered during the training to familiarize yourself with the Module 1 test. Here are some of the things your examiner will want to know for the motorcycle test:

  • Doing a U-turn with the motorcycle;
  • Wheeling the motorcycle;
  • Using the stand;
  • Slow ride;
  • Controlled stop and cornering;
  • Riding a slalom and figure of eight;
  • Emergency stop and cornering;
  • Hazard avoidance and cornering.

The Module 1 Category A1 motorcycle test is not too challenging, and it will take you fifteen minutes to complete. Of course, many people get anxious before a test, no matter how well-prepared they are. That is why it is essential to relax and have confidence in yourself that you will ace the test in no time.

Category a1 motorcycle test - Module 2

Once you have cleared Module 1 of the A1 motorcycle test, you can move on to Module 2. This part of the test is not that difficult, which is why you don’t have to be too nervous when going in. It involves an eyesight test and then thirty minutes of motorcycle riding on a public road. The examiner will test your knowledge and try to gauge if you can ride on a public road in no time. After the instructor is done with this examination, you will return to the test centre with them. The examiner will question you at the centre and ask various things about the motorcycle you are riding and carrying a passenger. Here are some things you can expect in the Module 2:

  • Eyesight test;
  • Road Ridings, such as stopping, hill start, angle start, and more;
  • Safety questions;
  • Ten minutes of independent riding where you will be asked to ride a route while following directions, traffic signs, and more.

You must pass the module 2 Category A1 test if you want to obtain your licence. If you fail module 2, you will have to retake this module once more. Remember that if you have to do a retake, your cost will increase as you might have to pay Ā£150, which includes pre-test training, the test, and motorcycle hire. Finally, you must also keep in mind that if you fail module 2, you will have to wait at least ten working days before you can retake the test. Once you pass the complete A1 motorcycle test, you can send your details to the DVLA and receive your full new licence shortly.

How to pass the A1 motorcycle test with Easy Quizzz?

Everything you'll need to know about the category a1 motorcycle test

If you want to pass the motorcycle test, you must have excellent preparation. That is why it is essential to have the right tools and help at your disposal that will help you prepare for your test in no time. Easy Quizzz is one of the top platforms that can help you ace your A1 motorcycle test in no time. Here are the top ways Easy Quizzz ensures you can pass your A1 test:

  1. Test your preparation

The only way to ace your A1 motorcycle test is to keep examining your preparation to see where you stand. That is where Easy Quizzz comes in, as we can help you test your preparation in no time. Our platform is there for you to take tests no matter where you are. Because of this, you can keep testing yourself and see how well you understand the Category A1 test. Through such preparation, you will ace the theoretical part of the test in no time. That is because we replicate such tests and ensure that you are well-prepared before you set foot in the licence test centre for Module 1 and 2.

  1. Updated quizzes

We update our quizzes from time to time because we don’t want you to go through any material that is not relevant. After all, the motorcycle test and other such licence tests keep getting updated as new regulations and rules come to light. You can rely on quizzes and relax that your preparation will be excellent. Hundreds of people who obtain their driving licences count on our portal for updated quizzes to prepare for their tests. It allows them to become more confident in their skills and walk into the test with confidence. So, you can benefit from this too and walk in the test with confidence that you will ace it.

  1. Study anywhere

The best part about Easy Quizzz is that you can study anywhere for the motorcycle test. That is because we have a mobile app and a web simulator that you can open anywhere and be ready to study on the go. Because of this, our platform is ideal for busy people who are juggling work and other responsibilities but still want to take the test. So, you have the opportunity to study anywhere and at any time, depending on your schedule and free time. Of course, such ease is not available with taking physical test classes that tether you to a schedule you must follow. As you use Easy Quizzz, you set your own study timings and more for your a1 motorcycle test.

  1. Save time

Finally, you can save your precious time by using Easy Quizzz to study for the motorcycle test. Our quizzes are short and snappy so that you can prepare fast and effectively. Lengthy questions and quizzes take up a lot of time and require you to sit down in one place to answer them. That is why our quizzes are designed in such a way that they cover everything while not taking up too much of your time. Because of this, you will save your time while studying and ace the motorcycle test in no time. So, if you want to optimize your time, be sure to use Easy Quizzz to obtain your A1 licence.

The three steps to obtain your a1 licence

Apart from the motorcycle test, here are the three steps you must take to obtain your licence:

  1. Obtain The Provisional Licence

You can obtain your provisional motorcycle driving when you are 15 years and nine months old. To receive this licence, you have to meet the eyesight requirements, and these will be tested at the beginning of any practical exam. Besides that, you will have to be a resident of Great Britain and not have any reason that prevents you from driving. You can apply for the provisional licence by mail or online, and you will need to give a passport photo, ID documents, and the payment.

  1. CBT certificate

Besides the A1 test, you will also need a valid CBT certificate to drive on UK roads. The training includes an eyesight check, on-site training and riding, and on-road training and riding. Remember that CBT will not take much of your time as it only takes one day to complete.

However, you can take more than a day if you want to ensure your safety and understand what you are doing. Once you have your CBT certificate, it will be valid for two years. However, if you don’t pass your A1 motorcycle test in twenty-four months, you will have to repeat the CBT.

  1. Motorcycle theory test

After your CBT, you will have to take the theory A1 motorcycle test of the licence you are trying to obtain. For the Category A1 licence, Module 1 is the theory test that you must pass. To ace this test, be sure to take the help of Easy Quizzz and pass with flying colours in no time. It is essential to know the road rules and other regulations if you want to pass this part of the motorcycle test, and it will test your knowledge of all such things.

  1. Practical test

Your motorcycle test practical will take place on the public road and off-road. It will help the examiner determine whether you know how to drive properly on all roads and if you are following all the rules. That is why it is crucial to pass the practical test. Only after passing the Category A1 motorcycle test, you will receive your Category 1 licence. Once you do, you can begin riding your motorcycle on the roads shortly.

Final thoughts

That was your complete guide to understanding this category, tests and what it entails. Be sure to follow this guide and study well for your test. Once you do, you will ace it in no time. Don’t forget to use the help of Easy Quizzz to prepare anywhere and everywhere. It will give you the information you need to obtain your licence without any hassle by passing the motorcycle test.