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Category C1

Category C1 is a great way to get your foot in the door when it comes time for more serious driving. You can tow up 750kg and still be under 18? That's some talent! This licence doesn't give you any extra rights while using another category of car though- make sure not let this slip past before upgrading yourself or finding another type entirely


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Practice for your LGV theory test with Easy Quizzz. Everything you need to know about C1 theory test

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Not all of us require a driving licence to drive a car for personal purposes. Some people have to drive trailers, trucks, lorries, buses, and other such vehicles for their work. Because of this, they also need an appropriate licence to help them get work. That is why if you want to drive a large truck, you will need a driving licence in the UK from Category C1 and ahead. It will allow you to drive vehicles with a certain weight limit. Of course, if you want to obtain the licence, you will have to give the LGV theory test and practice before taking the test at the licence centre. So, if you want to obtain the category C1 driving licence in the UK, you have come to the right place. Here is your complete guide to how to obtain the licence and pass the C1 theory test for the best results.

What is the category C1 driving licence in the UK?

Practice with Easy Quizzz for your LGV theory test

The category C1 driving licence allows you to drive vehicles that weigh between 3,500 and 7,500kg, MAM. Besides that, you are also allowed to drive a trailer of over 750kg with this licence. It will allow you to legally drive the LGV for personal and commercial use. Of course, the first stage you need to go through is to pass the LGV theory test. It is one of the most important steps to take. Once you pass this test, you will obtain your licence in no time.

How can I obtain the category C1 driving licence?

All driving licences have some driving requirements you must fulfil. Once you fulfil these requirements, you will have the licence in your hands. These include:

  • Minimum age requirement of eighteen years,
  • Passing the LGV theory test;
  • CPC training;
  • Paperwork of D2 and D4 forms must be complete.

Of course, if you want to obtain the category C1 driving licence, you must fulfil these requirements and pass the C1 theory test. Once you follow these guidelines and prepare for the test, you will receive your category C1 licence.

What vehicles can I drive with a C1 driving licence?

If you want to pass the LGV theory test, you must understand the vehicles you are allowed to drive through the C1 licence. Here are the top requirements you have to fulfil if you want to drive a vehicle on this licence:

  • A vehicle between 3,500 and 7,500kg MAM;
  • A trailer of up to 750kg.

Both of these vehicle specifications are crucial to meet. That is because if your vehicle exceeds these limits, you will have to opt for a different licence. So, it is crucial that you meet these requirements before you go for your C1 theory test.

What age do I need to have to obtain the C1 driving licence?

If you don’t pass the age requirement, you will never obtain the C1 driving licence. That is why it is one of the most important requirements you have to fulfil when you apply for the licence and test. So, you must be eighteen years of age if you want to get this licence.

If you fall below this age bracket, it doesn’t even make sense to apply for the licence as you will not get it. Remember that before you take the LGV theory test, you will have to prove your age to the authorities. After proving your age, you can start preparing to take the test.

What documents do I need for the C1 driving licence in the UK?

Do you want to receive your C1 licence after giving the C1 theory test? If you do, you will need to provide proper documentation to prove that you have fulfilled all the requirements as stated by law. That is why you can show:

  • D2 and D4 forms;
  • Proof of age;
  • CPC training;
  • Proof that you are a UK resident;
  • Vehicle documents;
  • And much more.

Remember that the licence office can always change the requirements of the documents you must provide. That is why it is best to contact your local licensing agency and ask them about the documents you will need. Once you bring the valid documents and fulfil the requirements, you must take the LGV theory test to move ahead.

What is the cost of getting a C1 driving licence and LGV theory test?

Start practising with Easy Quizzz for your c1 theory test

The cost of obtaining the C1 driving licence depends on when you take your C1 theory test. For example, on the weekdays, it will probably cost you Ā£230. However, if you take the test during evenings, weekends, or bank holidays, it will cost you over Ā£260.

On the other hand, if you plan on taking a course to pass the C1 theory test, then your cost will increase as you will have to pay additional charges. However, you can also study for the test yourself.

Category C1 theory test you need to pass

There are two tests you must pass to obtain your category C1 licence. The first is the LGV theory test, and the second is the practical test. Here is what you must know about each of these tests:

LGV theory test or C1 Theory test

The first test you must pass is the C1 theory test. The test involves three components: MCQs, hazard perception test, and case study. The MCQ test has a hundred questions, and you must get 85/100 to pass this section.

The MCQ test will cover you can safely and effectively drive large vehicles. After that, you will have to give the hazard perception test. The test will involve watching nineteen one-minute hazard perception clips.

During this, you will have to point out when the hazard is developing, with one in each clip. However, one of the clips will have two hazards. You will need 67/100 to pass this portion of the test.

Finally, you will have to pass the case study section of the C1 theory test. It will last seventy-five minutes and include seven case studies. The test will have fifty questions, and you must get forty right to pass.

Practical test

Once you pass the LGV theory test, you have to pass the practical test. The test will cost Ā£115 on weekdays and over Ā£140 on weekends, evenings, and bank holidays. It will last ninety minutes and test your practical driving skills plus safety knowledge.

You will have to pass with fifteen or fewer minor driving faults. If you have a dangerous or serious fault, you will fail the test. Remember that you will have to book the practical demonstration aspect of the test, which will show the instructor that you can safely load and unload.

Besides that, you must also demonstrate that you can stop the traffic of illegal immigrants, reduce physical risk to others, and assess emergency situations. The practical test will cost you Ā£55 on weekdays. However, it will cost more than Ā£60 on bank holidays, weekends, and evenings.

Passing your CPC training

If you want to obtain the category C1 driving licence, you will have to pass your CPC training. Remember that you have to complete the training after every five years. It includes 35 hours of training.

There are also various parts to getting this training. You will know more about it once you select the CPC trainer. They will guide you on how you will get trained to obtain the licence for your job.

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That was your complete guide to the category C1 driving licence in the UK and the C1 theory test plus the practical test you must pass. You can follow our guidelines and take this test. Once you pass it, you will obtain the licence, and you can drive the vehicles allowed for your personal or commercial purposes for a long time.