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Category A2

Category A2 is the most popular of all insurance classes, and it will get you access to a motorcycle with or without sidecar.


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Learn how to pass your A2 licence test with Easy Quizzz in an easy and quick way. Get ready for your category a2 motorcycle theory test

12 min. 05/04/2022 05/04/2022

Driving licences have different categories that suit unique vehicles and purposes. Each country has a unique set of categories that you must adhere to and learn the regulations. For example, the category A2 driving licence is important if you plan to ride a motorbike, and that’s the category that we are going to discuss in this article. You can get the A2 motorcycle licence if you are 19 years old or older and have held an A1 driving licence for two years or completed the CBT. To obtain this licence, you also need to take a test. This test involves a theory test and a practical test. So, if you want to ride your motorbike at a young age, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you must know about the A2 driving licence and how to pass the A2 motorcycle theory test.

What is the category A2 driving licence in the UK?

Get your A2 licence test in the UK with Easy Quizzz

The category A2 driving licence allows you to ride a motorbike that comes with a power to weight ratio of not more than 0.2kW/kg. Besides that, the motorbike must also have a power output of up to 35kW. Remember that the motorbike you are riding must not be from a vehicle that has over double its power. If you have this licence, you can also drive the motorbikes that are stated in category A1. Of course, if you want to obtain this licence, you will have to take the A2 licence test. Such a test has three stages. The first stage is the A2 motorcycle theory test. Finally, the other two stages are practical modules that you must pass to obtain this licence in no time.

How can I obtain the category A2 driving licence?

There are some qualifying requirements that you must fulfil if you want to obtain the category A2 driving licence. These include:

  • You have to be more than nineteen years old;
  • You need to hold an A1 licence for two years or complete the CBT;
  • Passing the hazard perception and theory tests.

Of course, if you want to obtain this licence, the secret is to study hard for the your A2 test and have some motorbike training to ace your practical modules. Once you follow these guidelines and prepare for your licence test, you will get the A2 driving licence in no time.

What vehicles can I drive with an A2 driving licence?

If you want to pass the A2 motorcycle theory test, you need to know the vehicles you are allowed to drive once you have this licence. Here are some of the bike specification requirements your motorbike must meet for you to obtain the A2 driving licence:

  • Power to weight ratio that does not exceed 0.2kW/kg;
  • A power output of up to 35kW.

Both of these bike specifications are important to meet. Besides that, you can also drive any motorbike that falls in the A1 driving licence category. If you are looking to ride a bike with a power output of 35kW, it will need to have a curb weight of at least 175kgs.

That means that there are some lightweight motorbikes with less than 35kW that will not be legal for you to use with the A2 driving licence. You will learn all of these technicalities once you prepare for your A2 licence test. It will allow you to understand the licence in much more depth.

What age do I need to have to obtain the A2 driving licence?

If you want to obtain the A2 driving licence, you will need to fulfil the age requirement. That is why you need to be more than nineteen years of age if you want to get this licence. If you fall below this age bracket, it is best not to apply for the licence as you will not get it. Of course, before you take the A2 test, you will have to prove that you fulfil this age requirement or not be allowed to sit for the test. Once you have proven this, you can prepare for your A2 motorcycle theory test in no time.

What documents do I need for the A2 driving licence in the UK?

Do you want to receive your A2 licence after giving the A2 licence test? If you do, you will need to provide proper documentation to prove that you have fulfilled all the requirements as stated by law. That is why you can show:

  • A valid CBT certificate;
  • A valid A1 driving licence you have held for two years;
  • Proof of age;
  • Proof that you are a UK resident;
  • Motorbike documents (if you have purchased);
  • And much more,

If you want extensive details of the documents you need to provide, then you must contact your local licence agency. They will give you a complete list of the documents you have to bring in with you. After you bring the documents and you fulfil the requirements, you need to take the A2 motorcycle theory test to go ahead.

So, be sure to prepare yourself in the best way possible for your A2 test. Once you do, you will get the best grades, and you will finally start riding your motorbike all over the UK.

What is the cost of getting an A2 motorbike licence?

It is a given that if you want to obtain an A2 motorbike licence, you will first have to pass the A2 test. However, the entire process has costs associated with it that you must know about before you decide to get your licence. After all, the budget can be your make or break factor in obtaining the A2 driving licence in no time.

The first cost you will have to incur will be a completed CBT. You can budget more than Ā£100 for this. Besides that, a valid A2 motorcycle theory test will also cost you around Ā£25 for this. Finally, you also need to include the cost of training if you want to learn how to pass the practical.

Various places offer a unique training experience, with some offering two days of training while others are offering five days of training. The two days training will cost you around Ā£400 while the five days training will cost you around Ā£900. That is why the total cost of getting your A2 driving licence will vary between Ā£500 and Ā£1,000 or more.

The category A2 motorcycle tests you need to pass

The A2 motorcycle test has three stages, and you need to pass all these three tests before you can get your licence. That is why it is crucial to understand what each test entails and how you can pass it. Here is everything you need to know about these modules to prepare in the best way possible:

A2 motorcycle theory test

The first stage of your A2 test is the A2 motorcycle theory test that you need to pass. Such a test is a two-part test with half the test being multiple-choice questions and the other half being hazard perception. You will get 57 minutes for the multiple-choice test, and it will have fifty questions that you must answer. If you want to pass, you will need to get at least 43 of these questions right. The entire MCQ section is done on the computer so that you can do it fast. Besides that, some of these MCQs will be in a case study form, so be sure to prepare for this to obtain your A2 test.

Once you are done with your MCQ section, you can take a break of three minutes before you head off to your hazard-perception test. In this part of the A2 motorcycle theory test, the instructors will show you fourteen video clips on the computer screen. These videos will include daily road scenes, and at least one or two will include developing hazards. That means that there will be a hazard on the road, and you will have to respond to it by changing the speed or the steering. As soon as you spot a hazard on the computer screen, you have to click it. After that, it will automatically mark how soon you responded to the hazard. It will also mark how precise you were in perceiving the hazard on the road. If you keep on clicking, the computer will give you a score of 0 on this part of your A2 licence test. If you want to pass, you will have to get 44/75 marks at this stage.

Module 1: practical test

Now that you are done with your A2 motorcycle theory test, it is time to move on to the practical test in module one that you must pass. This is the second stage of the A2 licence test. Remember that this is the first practical in the test, and it will be off-road. Remember that off-road does not mean that you will not get to drive your motorbike on a dirt or mud road. Instead, it will take place off-road in an environment that is asphalted, safe, and free of traffic. That is because such an environment will enable you to show the instructors that you know how to handle a bike appropriately. Once you are in this section of your A2 licence test, you will have to do a few manoeuvres that you would have trained beforehand to complete on the test. These manoeuvres include:

  • Showing that you know how to use a bike stand;
  • A figure of eight;
  • A slalom;
  • A U-turn;
  • Slow riding section;
  • Stopping;
  • Cornering;
  • A 32mph emergency stop;
  • A 19mph circuit ride;
  • An avoidance test at 32mph.

This format is standard for the A2 motorcycle theory test, and you will have to show how to do it all. However, during the day of the exam, your examiner can select whether the circuit must be left-handed or right-handed. That is why it is crucial you know how to do both so that you can easily pass module 1 of your A2 licence test.

Module 2: practical A2 licence test

The last section that you must pass is module 2 of your A2 license test. It can take place with your module 1, or you can take it at any other time you like. However, you can only take this test once you have passed the aforementioned two stages. The module 2 practical A2 licence test is an on-road test that will determine if you are competent enough to ride the motorbike. The first component of this test is the eyesight test. After that, you will have to take part in on-road riding that will last for at least half an hour.

Remember that because you have covered all the manoeuvres in module 1 of this A2 motorcycle theory test, this section will include you riding the motorbike as you would normally do while the examiner follows you. After you are done riding the motorbike, the examiner will also ask you a few questions to ensure you understand everything.

For example, the examiner can ask you:

  • How will you check the oil of the motorbike?
  • How will you check the cut-out switches’ operation?
  • How will a passenger affect the motorbike?
  • What you must tell a new pillion;
  • And more.

The A2 licence test requires you to pass module 1 before you move on to module 2. However, if you fail module two, you can retake this module without having to retake module 1. That is why it is crucial to prepare yourself before you start giving this test so that you can pass during your first attempt.

The cost of each of these tests will also vary. Because of this, you must check with your local agency and learn about the cost. It will help you make a better decision about your A2 licence test.

Ways to pass the category A2 licence test with Easy Quizzz?

Do you want to pass the A2 licence test? Do you not know where to begin or how to go about your preparation? If that is the case, then you will do well by having the right tools at your disposal that will help you prepare for your A2 motorcycle theory test and practical test.

Easy Quizzz is one of the best platforms that has been helping people ace their A2 licence tests in no time. Here are the top ways you can use the Easy Quizzz platform to pass your A2 licence test on the first try:

Quizzes to test your a2 licence test knowledge

As the name suggests, Easy Quizzz offers you various tools you can use to test your knowledge. We can help you pass your A2 motorcycle theory test by helping you prepare with the right information in your hands. Our platform will enable you to take tests at any time of the day and from anywhere.

Because of this ease, you can take the A2 licence test as many times as you want on our platform and see how well you do. After all, practice makes perfect and such practice will guarantee that you can pass the theoretical section without any hassle. The experts behind our platform replicate the license tests and guarantee that you know everything before you head off into the test centre for the theory test.

Study no matter where you are

Pass your A2 motorcycle theory test in the UK with Easy Quizzz

The best part about our platform is that you can prepare for your A2 motorcycle theory test no matter where you are. You can prepare from your home, workplace, on your commute, while travelling, or anywhere else you may be. Our platform is ideal for people who are incredibly busy and don’t have the time to sit down for hours and study for the A2 licence test. Easy Quizzz gives you the wonderful opportunity to study at any time and from anywhere, depending on your busy schedule. Remember that if you take physical classes for the A2 licence test, you will not have the ease of studying at your own pace. With Easy Quizzz, you have the freedom to set your timings and study accordingly.

Updated practice quizzes

Finally, we help you take the A2 licence test and ace it in no time by offering you updated quizzes. We keep checking the A2 license tests and keep updating them from time to time so that you know what is currently relevant. After all, new rules and regulations can come up, and you must adhere to these for your test.

Many people who are taking the A2 licence test rely on our expertise, knowledge, and updated quizzes to prepare for the test. It enables them to trust their skills so that they can pass the A2 licence test in no time. You can also use our platform to gain such confidence.

A2 motorcycle theory test Final Thoughts

That was your complete guide to understanding the A2 licence test and everything it includes so that you can pass it in no time. You must study well and follow all the guidelines to ace this test. Of course, you must also take the help of Easy Quizzz. Our platform is there to help you prepare from everywhere and anywhere at any time you like. It will offer you the important information you need to obtain the A2 motorcycle license after passing the A2 licence test with flying colours. For more information, please browse through our website or contact us.