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Ultimate guide to driving Buses and how to pass the Bus theory test

Category D

As a driver, you need to know the rules of road and how they apply in different situations. The bus may be your only means for transportation so it's important that everything about driving - including what kind of vehicle we're using- is understood by everyone on board!


Everything you need to know about driving buses, pass the bus theory test and practice with mock bus theory test

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All countries have multiple driving rules and regulations. For instance, many places require you to get a licence for using vehicles on the road. However, UK law is different from most other countries. You have to obtain a licence of the right category to drive a specific vehicle on the road. For example, you have to pass the A1 motorcycle exam to drive motorcycles or pass the category B to drive cars. Meanwhile, you must have the category D driving licence to drive buses.

The licence D allows you to drive any bus with more than eight passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg). If this is the category you are interested in obtaining, Easy Quizzz can also help you practice your theory test. With Easy Quizzz mock tests, you’ll be prepared in no time! Here is a comprehensive guide about the Category D driving licence and the bus theory test.

What is the category d driving licence in the UK?

Pass your bus theory test in the UK with Easy Quizzz

Category D is a driving licence type that you must have to become a bus driver in the UK. It allows you to drive any bus with more than eight passengers. However, remember to pass the bus theory test for this licence also lets you drive trailers of up to 750 kg MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass). Minibuses may also fall in this licence type if you use the vehicle for more than eight passengers. You must follow all the rules before getting your Category D licence in the UK. Another thing you should note is that there are multiple varieties of the Category D licence in the UK. For instance, you can get the D1 type to drive vehicles with 16 or fewer passengers. This category also requires that the car not be more than eight metres.

How can I obtain the category d driving licence in the UK?

The primary thing you must do is pass the theory test to get the Category D PCV licence. This document will allow you to drive large vehicles such as trailers, buses, and much more on UK roads. However, you must meet multiple requirements to get this licence. Firstly, you must get a Category B licence to become a bus driver in the UK. Typically, you may already have this document if you’ve lived in the country for many years. This is because Category B is the full car licence you need to drive most vehicles in the UK. Besides that, you will have to pass the five tests to get the Driver CPC qualification. However, you may have this certification already if you have been an HGV driver in the past. If not, you must pass the bus theory test and these five additional exams. You will also have to complete 35 hours of training every five years for your category D licence to remain valid. Typically, you can get the document by preparing through the theory test to ensure no mistakes occur on the final day.

Which vehicles can I drive with the category D driving licence in the UK?

Category D has been introduced mainly to let you drive heavy and large vehicles on the road. This licence allows you to be a bus driver without any issues. However, you will have to ensure that you travel with more than eight passengers every day. Besides that, you can also drive a trailer of up to 750 kg MAM. If you exceed the limits, you will have to get a licence in another relevant category. The UK law is highly strict about road regulations. This is why you should always get a suitable licence before driving a vehicle. You can also drive minibuses with a Category D licence in the UK. However, always remember your document type. For instance, you can transport more than eight passengers with a D licence. However, the number should not exceed sixteen if you have a Category D1 type. So you must never forget the different D licence types to avoid getting the wrong document. If you drive with an incorrect licence, you will have to pay a hefty fine and may suffer from other legal issues. Besides that, there are no restrictions on the bus’s power.

What age do I need to have to get the category D driving licence in the UK?

The minimum age requirements for getting driving licences in the UK varies depending on the type. You can get the Category D document after turning 24 years old. This is the minimum limit for this licence. Meanwhile, the age for Category D1 is 21 years old. However, the government also allowed some exceptions to let drivers get a licence at a young age. For instance, you can qualify for the Category D licence at age 17 if you’re a member of the UK armed forces. Meanwhile, you can get the document at age 18 by fulfilling these three requirements:

  • You are learning to drive or taking a PCV test for this category or the initial Driver CPC qualification;

  • You can also drive the vehicle after passing the bus theory test or getting the CPC certification if the route is less than 50 km and does not involve the carriage of passengers;

  • You are completing a national vocational training course for the initial CPC.

Besides that, you can also get a licence at age 20 after passing the theory test and PCV medical examination. It is also best to contact the UK driver policy team to understand the rules of the bus theory test and other exams to prepare correctly. You should also remember to have a Category B licence before giving your bus test. The good news is that you can quickly get this licence if you’re 18 years old or above.

What documents do I need for the category D driving licence in the UK?

The primary document you require to get this licence is your Category B licence certificate. If you don’t have this document, you must apply and pass the tests of this category first. After that, you will be eligible to get a Category D licence depending on your age. You also have to attend the PCV medical examination and pass it. Otherwise, you cannot get the Category D licence. Typically, you will have to submit the passing certificate with other documents. Moreover, you must take the D4 Medical form to the doctor so that they can fill it out accordingly. Besides that, you also have to submit an application to the DVLA. The D2 form will help you apply for the Category D licence. You can find it online and print it out yourself or get the form from your nearest local UK post office. All these documents will allow you to get the provisional Category D licence. Once the specific period is over, you will also receive your official driving licence. You will also have to pass the category D theory test before getting the certificate. Apart from these documents, you will also have to provide the general documents. For instance, you must give your proof of identification when booking the theory test and medical examinations. You will also have to provide proof of age, such as your birth certificate.

What is the cost of getting the category D driving licence in the UK?

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The UK law requires you to pass the theory test to get a Category D driving licence. Of course, the certification does not come without a booking cost. Firstly, you will have to pay about £34 to £43 to get a provisional licence in the UK. Besides that, you will also have to get a Category B licence if you don’t have it already. This will cause you to spend about £85 to £98 on the theory and driving tests. If you have the B licence already, you don’t have to worry about these charges. Typically, you must pay £63 to £75 for the practical driving exam. The latter is the price if you want to give the practical test on a bank holiday. Besides that, you will also have to pay £23 for the two parts of the category D test. You must remember that this fee is non-refundable, and you will have to pay the price again if you fail your theory test. This rule applies to the practical driving exams too. So the overall cost of getting a category D driving licence in the UK is £119 to £141. However, the charges may be higher if you take additional courses such as the PCV exams. You may also take lessons and give a bus theory test before the final day.

What tests do I need to do for the category D licence?

The primary thing you should remember is that you must pass the category D theory test to qualify for the Category D licence. The exams you have to take are divided into two broad categories, and here is what you need to know about them:

Theoretical Test

Typically, you have to give the theory test to get this licence in the UK. The exam is divided into two parts and requires exceptional skills for passing. However, you don’t have to worry about giving both parts of the bus theory test on the same day. You can give them within two years of each other to get the passing certificate of the bus theory test. One part of the exam involves multiple-choice questions about driving in the UK, bus driving rules, etc. Meanwhile, the second part is the hazard perception test. Besides that, the bus theory test also forms the Module of the CPC examination. So you must get the passing certificate to achieve your Category D licence easily. The best way to nail this exam is by giving a mock bus theory test at a reputable institute.

Practical Test

No matter which driving category you apply for, you always have to give a practical test. This is so that the government expert can assess if you can use the theoretical knowledge while on the road. Typically, you drive a bus at a controlled course and pass multiple obstacles. You must also remember that you may be asked to drive an automatic vehicle. Typically, this happens if you have a Category B licence for manual cars. The expert will also check if you follow all the safety road rules and vehicle regulations. For instance, you must check if all the mirrors are in the correct position. If any of them is not, you must fix it. Sometimes, the expert may put the things in incorrect places to test you. You should also wear proper footwear and clothing when giving the exam. Once you pass the category D theory test, you will have to give the practical exam. After passing this type, you will get your Category D licence provided that you have fulfilled all the other application requirements.

How can Easy Quizzz help you get your category D driving licence and try our mock bus theory test

The theory and practical exams are not as easy as they seem, and you have to prepare accordingly to get the passing certificates. For instance, you may give a mock bus theory test and a mock practical exam to see your progress. The good news is that you can use Easy Quizzz for your mock test or other exams. We have been operating for many years and have helped multiple people get their licences in the UK. Here are the top ways Easy Quizzz can help you achieve the Category D driving certificate:

Mock bus theory test

The best way to understand your knowledge is by strictly giving quizzes and marking yourself. That is where Easy Quizzz can help you. We design excellent quizzes as per the latest UK driving regulations. This means you can practice the relevant questions that may come in your category D theory test. Besides that, the quiz can also serve as an unofficial mock test. You can use the marks to prepare better for the actual exam. Hundreds of people have benefited from our quizzes and got their licences on the first try, and this is why you should check them out to pass your theory test.

  1. Study At Your Own Schedule

You may believe that the theory test and the practical driving exam does not require much studying. However, that is not the case. The regulations and hazard perception information must be on your tips. If you lack the knowledge, you will fail the mock test and the final exam. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about studying when using Easy Quizzz. You can use our platform to practice a theory test anywhere. The best part is that our quizzes will enhance your knowledge. They are also one of the best ways to clear your misconceptions about bus driving.

  1. Ease Of Use

Typically, taking a physical theory test means that you will have to take out time for attending the exam. This can be difficult to do if you’re working a regular or part-time job. Of course, the result would be that you’ll must your theory test and perform poorly on the final exam day. However, you don’t have to worry about such issues due to the ease of use of Easy Quizzz. We offer you a mobile app that will let you do any quiz at any time you want to. Besides that, you can also use our web simulator for your theory test.

  1. Support For The Practical Test

Easy Quizzz allows you to give a theory test to prepare for the two-part exam. However, you can also use the platform to prepare for the practical driving test. The questions in the quizzes have been designed as per the latest information. You can use them to learn more about the UK’s driving rules and regulations. Besides that, you must note that you will have to apply this knowledge in the practical exam. This is why Easy Quizzz is an excellent platform to support you in multiple ways. Another thing you must remember is that the expert marking you may also ask some relevant questions in the vehicle. Typically, most people will ask about something you have already learned through the theory test. This is why you must do the quizzes before the final practical test.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about getting a Category D driving licence in the UK. The certificate is essential if you want to work as a bus or coach driver in the country. You can also get the licence to drive a minibus for different purposes. The primary thing you should remember is that you will have to give the practical and theory test for the licence. This is why you should prepare for the exams by using a learning source. For instance, you can use Easy Quizzz to complete the latest bus theory test.