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How To Study For & Pass Motorcycle Theory Test

Category AM

To get a Category AM driving licence, you must be at least 16 years old and have an Ericsson number. Your entitlement may be restricted by codes which canā€™t restrict what type of vehicle or how many wheels it has; for example two wheeled cars are not allowed with this class but three-wheeled vehicles might work!


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Study guide to pass Category AM license test with Mock Motorcycle Theory Test

8 min. 22/08/2023 22/08/2023

Are you planning to take your motorcycle theory test and get your category AM driving license? If so, I am here to help with some tips to make sure you are ready before you play the game. Let’s get right into what you need to know when taking your Category AM Driving Licence test.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect, and this could not be more true when it comes to learning to drive. When you’re still new to the driving game, however - be it as a new or would-be motorcyclist - getting out on the road can seem a little bit scary. The good news is that passing your Category AM theory test (and subsequently your practical exam) in order to get your full motorcycle license is easier than you may expect.

The theory test is relatively easy to pass, provided you prepare correctly. This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know for the theory test, including the bits that aren’t obvious and that make the most difference. It will also give you tips on how to get your driving licence as quickly as possible.

This article will give you a good idea of how to pass your Motorcycle Theory Test. After reading it you’ll know what to expect on the day and how to best prepare.

Introduction of Category AM UK Driving license

Best preparation quiz for Motorcycle theory test in UK

The AM driving license is one of the most popular and widely used driver’s licenses in the world. For many people, it is their first step towards a successful future, as they can start a career as a professional driver or simply enjoy the freedom of driving through England’s beautiful landscapes.

If you’re new to the country, or looking to get your driving license, you should know that there are several categories you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. The Category AM UK driving license allows you to drive a motor vehicle for the purposes of leisure activities with some restrictions. The UK government has introduced the Category AM driving license which means you can ride a moped or motorcycle with an engine size of up to 50cc without a CBT Compulsory Basic Training.

You’ll be restricted to a power output of 2.2kW (3bhp) and you can only carry a passenger if your machine is designed for it, so no pillions on scooters.

How do I get my Category AM license?

To get your Category AM license you’ll need to pass your CBT. The CBT isn’t a test though, it’s actually training that must be completed before you’re allowed on the road. The training covers things like safety gear and how to handle a 2-wheeler safely.

What is a Motorcycle Theory Test?

A motorcycle theory test is a computer-based examination which tests your basic and practical knowledge of riding a motorcycle on the roads. It is taken by all prospective riders at various stages of their training to ride.

Many people have never heard of a motorcycle theory test, and if you’re one of these people, don’t worry - you’re not alone. In fact, the Motorcycle Theory Test is a relatively new addition to the driving test in the United Kingdom, having been introduced in January 2009. And if you are planning on getting your motorcycle driver’s license in England or Wales, you’ll need to take this test before you can get your license.

The first test, the multi-choice part of the exam, covers questions relating to basic motorcycling road rules, traffic signs and signals and other general driving knowledge. The pass rate for this part of the exam is 43 out of 50 questions. You can use our mock motorcycle theory test to understand types of questions in real exam.

The second part, the hazard perception test, assesses your ability to recognize and respond to potential hazards while on the road. You will be shown a series of short video clips featuring various road scenarios with one or more developing hazards on each clip. You need to click the mouse button when you see a potential hazard developing (even if you are not certain it will happen). The pass rate for this section of the test is 44 out of 75 points.

Prepare your Category AM license Test with Mock motorcycle theory test

Who takes the Motorcycle Theory Test?

  1. Anyone who has never had a full motorcycle licence before.

  2. Anyone who has had their full motorcycle licence revoked.

  3. Anyone who has passed their car test since 1 February 2001 and who wants to ride a machine over 125cc with a power output over 11kW without L-plates (DVA will notify you if you are in this category).

What are the objectives of the Category AM Driving Licence test?

The Category AM License test is designed to assess your ability to operate a motorcycle safely, while understanding the rules of the road.

The objective of the test is to make sure you are:

  • In control of your motorcycle

  • Able to make safe decisions

  • Aware of other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists

  • Able to demonstrate appropriate consideration for other road users

  • The test involves both a pre-ride check and an on-road riding component. You must pass both components to pass the test.

What skills does the Category AM Driving Licence test cover?

As a Category AM License holder, you’ll have to pass a rider assessment to be able to ride your motorbike on the road. This is a practical test taken with a police officer or authorized instructor. The test covers:

  • Vehicle safety checks

  • Starting and stopping

  • Riding posture

  • Use of gears, clutch and throttle

  • Signalling, position and use of mirrors

  • Junctions - observation and positioning

  • Progress - accelerating, braking and turning

  • Cornering

  • Slow riding (optional)

What is the duration of the Category AM licence test?

The motorcycle theory test in the UK lasts for 57 minutes. It is made up of two parts: the multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test.

The first part is 30 minutes long, and you need to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. You can pass this part with 43 correct answers after preparing with our mock motorcycle theory test. In order to pass the second part, you have to score 44 out of 75 points on the hazard perception test. The test consists of 14 video clips with 15 hazards that you have to spot within a certain time frame.

What do I need to take the Category AM licence test?

There are only two things you need to take the Category AM licence test.

You need to be able to sit on the seat of a motorcycle because, unlike driving a car, riding a motorcycle is a physical skill. There’s no driving controls on the steering wheel, so your hands and arms work in a different way. To steer a motorcycle you have to lean, turn and counter-balance it as you ride. The steering control is in your hands, but your body weight is used to adjust the bike’s balance and direction.

You also need to complete a compulsory off-road rider training course called Pre-Learner training. You must pass the course before you can get your learner licence. The course provides practical demonstrations and instructions on how to ride safely and handle typical situations that riders encounter when they start out.

What is the difficulty to prepare the Category AM licence test

The Motorcycle Theory Test is designed to see if you have a sufficient knowledge of the highway code. It is not a difficult test, so long as you are prepared. The test is not designed to trick you or catch you out - it is simply a tool to assess that you have the appropriate knowledge to drive safely on Britain’s roads.

It can be difficult for a few people to complete their motorcycle theory test. But when you know the score you need to pass, it can make all the difference. This is why many people who want to apply for a UK driving license with a motorcycle theory test must take a minimum of 43 out of 50 questions in order to pass. The other option is to take an online practice test that gives you the same results.

Although this may seem like a lot of work, it’s worth taking into account because it makes your life much easier once you start driving. When you take the normal examination and do not have any experience at all, it can become very difficult to answer even the most basic questions which are asked in the test. You will also have no idea what kind of questions are going to come up, so the last thing you need is to worry about how difficult it is going to be.

However, when you take an online course or practice test, then there’s no need for you to worry about these things at all. You don’t have to spend hours practicing and trying to get every single question right either. This will give you more time to focus on studying for your actual examination as well as learning how to ride safely on the road.

Best Solution for the preparation of Category AM driving licence test

The best way to prepare for the Category AM driving licence test is to take our online course. In fact, it will help you to practice and simulate the actual test with quizzes in different languages that are always updated.

In our quizzes we have collected all of the questions that can be asked during the exam, together with the explanations of the right answers. You can study at your own pace and make as many attempts as you want, without any time limit.

If you want to practice on-the-go, download our free mobile app for iOS and Android: you can use it offline and access all of the content of the online platform wherever you are.

Once you’ve finished studying, take our tests to assess your knowledge and see how prepared you are for the exam.