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Pass your Minibus theory test in the UK (D1 driving licence)

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Learn how to pass your minibus theory test with Easy Quizzz. Get ready for your test with mock minibus theory test questions

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Are you looking to hire and drive a minibus for your work or personal needs? If you are, then you must prioritize obtaining the category D1 driving licence so that you can drive anywhere you like in the UK. The D1 licence allows you to drive a minibus with up to sixteen passenger seats. Of course, if you want to obtain this licence, you will have to take the minibus theory test. The test will help you get one step closer to your goal so that you can get your licence in no time. You can apply for a D1 licence within the United Kingdom as long as you are 21 years old or more and you have had your licence for at least two years. If you are looking to get the category D1 driving licence in the UK, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is the category D1 driving licence in the UK?

Pass your minibus theory test in the UK with Easy Quizzz](

The category D1 driving licence will allow you to drive a minibus with between nine and sixteen passenger seats. You can also use the licence for driving a minibus that you are deriving an income. If you passed your minibus theory test before 1st January 1997, you would have an automatic category of S1 on your licence. On the other hand, if you passed the test after this date, you will have to apply for the D1 licence to be added to your licence. Remember that you can also drive a minibus without a licence in a few conditions. If you are giving the test, you must familiarize yourself with minibus theory test questions.

How can I obtain the category D1 driving licence?

A great aspect of obtaining the category D1 driving licence is that the process is simple and straightforward. Of course, you will have to give the minibus theory test, but there are also other requirements that you must fulfil. These requirements include:

  • Fulfilling the Drivers CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) requirements;
  • Filling out the forms to get the Category D1 provisional licence;
  • Passing the medical examination that your local GP will take. The examination ensures you healthy to drive with sixteen passengers;
  • Passing the minibus theory test and the practical test.

These are all the requirements you must fulfil before you start studying for the minibus theory test questions. That is because if you are not fit to have sixteen passengers in your vehicle, you will not receive the licence. These requirements are strict, and everyone must fulfil them if they want to obtain their category D1 driving licence in no time. Besides that, the key is to study hard for your minibus theory test. Once you do, you will quickly ace it and receive your minibus driving licence.

What vehicles can I drive with a D1 driving licence?

The D1 driving licence is applicable to minibuses that you use for work purposes or personal use. You will learn the kind of vehicle you are allowed to drive when you study for your minibus theory test. However, as a general rule of thumb, here are the guidelines your minibus must follow:

  • The minibus should not have more than sixteen passenger seats;
  • It can weigh up to 750kg;
  • The maximum length of the vehicle must be eight metres.

These are easy requirements, and most minibuses will easily fall within that category. That is why you must study the right minibus theory test questions and answers, so you are familiar with these requirements. If you have a minibus that falls under this category, you will receive your licence quickly.

Of course, you must study hard for the minibus theory test so that it becomes easier to obtain your licence in no time.

What age do I need to have to obtain the D1 driving licence?

The age requirement for the D1 driving licence is twenty-one years and above. That is why you can’t apply for this licence if you fall below the legal age of 21. Keep in mind that these requirements are strict, and they apply to everyone.

When you apply for the D1 driving licence, you will have to prove that you fulfil this age requirement before you begin your minibus theory test. After fulfilling this requirement, you can prepare for the test by studying important minibus theory test questions and answers.

What documents do I need for the D1 driving licence in the UK?

If you want to obtain your D1 driving licence after giving the minibus theory test, you will have to provide important and valid documents that will prove you have fulfilled all the requirements. That means you will have to fill out an application for the D2 form and send it to the Local Traffic Offices or DVLA. Besides that, you will have to prove through your GP report that you are medically fit to transport sixteen passengers.

Finally, you will have to prove that you fulfil the age requirement and you have given the minibus theory test. Here is a short rundown of the documents you will need:

  • Proof of age;
  • Proof of residence;
  • D2 form;
  • GP report;
  • And more.

You can also contact your local traffic office and ask them for a detailed rundown. They will guide you better on each document you will need to show to obtain your D1 driving licence in no time.

What is the cost of getting an D1 driving licence?

Of course, to get the A1 driving, you will have to answer all the minibus theory test questions and pass the minibus theory test. The D2 form does not have a cost, while the GP report will cost you around £80. Besides that, you will have to check the cost for the theory and practical test.

On the other hand, if you plan on taking classes to study the minibus theory test questions, it will add to your cost. Such classes can be a few £100. That is why it is important to understand if you can study on your own and take the theory and practical tests.

Overall, it will cost you a few £100 to obtain your D1 driving licence. Of course, once you do, you can start driving a minibus or using it for your work purposes in no time.

The category D1 tests you need to pass

All driving licences have different categories of tests that you need to pass. For example, the minibus theory test has three parts that you must complete if you want to obtain a licence. To complete these categories successfully, you need to know the type of minibus theory test questions that come up and how you can answer them. Here is a complete guide to the various D1 tests you need to pass before you can get your licence:

Minibus theory test: Part 1A theory and Part 1B hazard perception test

Practice with Easy Quizzz minibus theory test questions and pass your test](

The first part is the minibus theory test, which includes two parts. The first aspect of this part is to pass the multiple-choice section. This section is made up of a hundred questions, and you need to score 85/100 to pass this section. After that, you will have to give the hazard perception test. Such a test includes short video clips that you must see. There will be one or two hazards that you will have to spot among these video clips. As soon as you spot the hazard, you have to click the screen. Remember that you will automatically get a zero during this minibus theory test if you keep clicking the screen incessantly. You can only click the screen once you think you have spotted a hazard successfully.

It is important to know what kind of minibus theory test questions come in the test. It will enable you to prepare for your test and ace it in no time. Your minibus theory test certificate will be valid for two years from when you pass the first part of your test.

On the other hand, if you don’t take the practical test of this category within two years of passing the first part, then you will have to retake the theory test too. So, be sure that you complete all your tests within the time limit to obtain your category D1 licence in no time.

Minibus theory test part 2: case studies test

The next part of your minibus theory test is the case studies, where you will get minibus theory test questions in the form of case studies. This test will take place on a computer, and you will have to work through them one by one. Such case studies are not complex and are in the form of short stories based on the situations you will come across in your working life.

Beneath each case study, you will find between six and eight multiple-choice questions that you must answer. The case study section of the minibus theory test will last for one hour and fifteen minutes. If you want to pass this section, you need to score 40/50 in this section.

Once you pass the test, you will get a letter with the results at the test centre you are at. That is because you will require the test pass reference number when you are booking your practical driving test. Remember that even this pass letter from the minibus theory test is valid for two years.

You must pass your practical test within these two years. If you don’t, you will have to give the case studies test again, too and revise all the minibus theory test questions.

Minibus theory test part 3: D1 practical driving test

Finally, once you have done the MCQ, hazard perception, and case studies test, you will have to give the practical driving test. It is the final leg that will allow you to obtain your D1 driving licence in no time. The practical test will last for ninety minutes, and it will include:

  • Off-road exercises;
  • Practical road driving;
  • Questions on vehicle safety.

Of course, when you are giving your practical test, the examiner will notice these things:

  • If you give accurate signals;
  • Deal with hazards properly;
  • Use the mirror while driving;
  • Move away at an angle, downhill and uphill;
  • Control the vehicle speed;
  • Manage your progress;
  • Show anticipation and awareness of the intention of other people on the road.

You will also have to drive for ten minutes independently as it will help the examiner understand if you can drive safely and make decisions without the help of others. Many people also feel intimidated about what kind of minibus theory test questions will come during the practical, but that is not something you need to worry about.

After you take the test, your examiner will let you know in detail how well you did and if you passed the exam. The passing mark for this test is not more than fifteen driving faults. Besides that, there are no single or dangerous faults allowed.

Ways to pass the category D1 licence test with Easy Quizzz minibus theory test questions

Now that you are familiar with the minibus theory test questions, sections, and how to pass the test, you need to understand how to effectively use your time. After all, if you want to pass the category D1 driving licence, you need the right tools at your disposal.

Such tools will allow you to study in an effective manner. Of course, the key is to know where to look. Easy Quizzz is one such platform that is specially created to help people pass their driving licence theory tests. You can sign up on the platform and begin using it today to pass your test. Here are the top ways in which Easy Quizzz can help you with studying for your category D1 licence test:


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The best part is that Easy Quizzz is an online platform, which is why you can use this tool anywhere you like and at any time. It will make your life easier, and you will not have to spend a lot of money on taking theory test classes. After all, not everyone has the budget to opt for these classes.

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Save money and time

Not everyone has the budget to take expensive classes before taking their driving licence test. If you also don’t have the budget for it, you can always opt for Easy Quizzz. All the quizzes are uploaded and updated for you to study test for your test without having to break your bank.

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Test your knowledge with minibus theory test questions

Finally, Easy Quizzz will allow you to test your knowledge before you give your D1 theory test. These tests can have tricky questions that can confuse the participants sometimes, which is why it is crucial to take some similar questions before your test. Once you do, you will ace the test. Remember to keep testing your knowledge through our platform as we keep updating our quizzes. As you get closer to your test, you can use our platform to test your knowledge again and again. It will give you the confidence you need to take your theory test and ace it with flying colours.

Minibus theory test final thoughts

That was your complete guide to the minibus theory test questions and the test you have to give to obtain your licence. You must follow all these guidelines and be sure to make your decision based on these. The rules and regulations can also change, which is why you must also keep in check the official website of the licence offices. Finally, you must use Easy Quizzz as a platform to aid your learning on this route. We will guarantee that you can have all the knowledge about this driving licence category through our platform. So, be sure to browse through our website for more information regarding this.